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Through the implementation our research regarding human resource on many kinds of projects, we aim to enhance productivity of organization and to vitalize human resource.
We plan to implement the use of our original evaluation method among various "individuals" and "organizations", thus creating the "market value" as a common standard for human resource evaluations in the coming open-market era.
We hope our system will consequently help to create a better society, one in which each "Individual" will be highly respected.
In order to realize our goal, we commit ourselves to strictly observe the following set of company guidelines.


 Commitment to Quality
  We attach a great deal of importance to the image of our company. For better or for worse, our name is who we are. Therefore, we are making it a rule to strive to create as better work (image) as we can for our company.
When considering the idea of "Quality", one must think of "Customer Satisfaction" as an issue of primary importance. This can be measured by knowing whether the price of service provided is reasonable in necessity and price to the customer.
In every project undertaken, we plan to enrich the quality of service to the customer, and to make inquiries in regards to customer satisfaction.  We are always looking to provide "original" services that only we can provide.


 Commitment to Proficiency
  The very producer of the service is person. Therefore, the maintenance and enhancement in the proficiency of our personnel is necessary to ensure the quality of our service, and the success of each project. Our staffs are persons that embody first- class professionalism and are all experts in each of their related fields. They are responsible not only in individual assignments but also in overseeing the entire project to its completion.

To select the members for each project, we use our original system, "P-Search". "P-search is a search system with a database list of professional with expertise in different fields. To optimize the formation of each project team and to minimize the cost, our organization is flexible; we do not fix members except core-staff and make full use of independent contractors.


 Commitment to Innovation
  Through each projects, we develop an original methodology, framework, and evaluation tools to enhance the productivity of an organization and to vitalize its human resources. In projects where no failure can be allowed, we produce new knowledge. From experience, we can say that this is the most reasonable way.

Here is an example. Our original program, "Market Value Assessment Program Ver. 1.0", which took 6 month to development and was released in the summer of 1998, came about on occasion of the collapse of a major security company. It was a result of our human resource evaluation technology for open-marketed era. As we faced the reality that personal values outside a company don't necessarily equal to the values inside a company, we came to believe that open and standardized human resource evaluation criterion is needed in today's Japan.

We are thus committed to the continual production of new and original corporate tools for human resource evaluations.

What's New Column Vision Uniqueness Services Works
Press release Company profile Job opportunity Contact Research project